To reach out in love to all God's people by living the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and St. Luke

as a caring, faith community fed by the Eucharist and led by the Holy Spirit.

Mass Times

Saturday Evening 5:00 PM.
Sunday Morning
7:30, 9:00, 10:30 and 12 noon
Weekdays 8:00 AM
Saturdays 8:00 AM

Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Parish Contact:

Parish Phone:  201-444-0272

Parish Web-Site:  www.churchofstluke.org

Youth Ministry Web-Site:  www.stlukesyouthgroup.org

Religious Education office:  201-447-2779




Planning is about to get underway for the St. Luke Italian Festival, which will be held in October...but we need many hands to help plan the festivities! Want to get involved? Join us at our first planning meeting on Tuesday, July 28 at 7:00 pm in the Parish Office meeting room.  Any questions? Contact Elaine at the Parish Office: 201.444.0272 ext. 26.


We need a few more hands...
The Wednesday Morning Cleaning Crew is looking for some additional help in the church. Are you available on Wednesday mornings, from 9:00-10:00 am?  If so, and if you'd like to join us in keeping our beautiful church sparkling, please call the Parish Office and leave your name and phone number:  201.444.0272. Thank you.


Women's Cornerstone
Save the date
November 13-14, 2015
Women's Cornerstone 2015
St. Luke's and Nativity
What a difference a day makes!


Wondering where to go to Mass?  Visit www.masstimes.org. enter the area or zip code to find mass schedules no matter where in the world you are!  We suggest you call the local parish to confirm Mass schedule in case of summertime changes.
We are currently forming a St. Luke Hospitality Ministry to assist with light receptions throughout the year. If you think this might be of interest to you, we welcome you to contact Fr. James at the Parish Office (444.0272) for further details. All are welcome!
Experience the knowledge and joy of the Bible. Sit in and observe the wonder of being in a Bible-rich parish here at St. Luke's. Drop by on Mondays 9:15 am to 11:00 am or 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Parish Center to observe and see if you want to join us in the Fall.  We plan to offer morning and evening choices on Mondays and Tuesdays starting in the Fall.  Please look for bulletin announcements in July/August. Experience the Bible group activities that keep over 40 Parishioners enjoying the wonders of our Faith in a very relaxed, supportive setting.  
Coffee/tea is brewing for you!!
For further information, contact Deacon John McKeon at 201- 444.0272 ext. 13.
From July 4th to August 30th, you are invited to come up as Summer Singers and become the choir for that mass.
All are welcome - children, adults and families!  
Bring yourself and your love of singing!
Don't keep your talent to yourself, 
Contact Jay Brown for more information
201.444.0272 x30
Next Spring, our Youth Group will again participate in Midnight Run, bringing food and assorted items to the homeless on the streets of NYC. We are now collecting shampoo and conditioner. If you would like to donate these items, please drop them off at the Parish Office anytime. thanks for helping the Youth Group to provide these items.
Following  the schedule of the Archdiocese offices, St.  Luke's parish offices will close at 12 noon on the Fridays in the summer months. We will return to our regular schedule on the First Friday after Labor Day.
Starting on the First Friday in June, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will take place on the First Friday of each month, twelve months of the year.  The time will be from 8:30 am until 3:00 pm.
2016 Mass Book 
The 2016 Mass Book is open. Mail-in requests as well as in-person intentions are available.   We ask that you limit your requests to 5 Masses.


The Blessed Sacrament Food Pantry is supported through generous donations from our parishioners. Food donations are delivered once a month to Newark. We have had a special request for donations of BREAKFAST CEREALS.  If you would like to contribute, please bring your food items to the church (or the parish office during the week). We thank you for your generosity. Also......


Volunteers needed for Food Drive:  
Volunteers needed for the monthly food drive.  Anyone interested please call Terry McCann at 201-280-8371. Join us every few months for a rewarding experience.


Office of family Life Ministries/Parent Support Groups
The Office of Family Life Ministries sponsors three support groups for Parents Grieving the Death of a Child. Groups meet year round on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm (July/August at 7:00 pm) at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Center in Bloomfield, and on the third Monday of each month at St. Peter the Apostle Parish Center in River Edge.
The Support Group for Fathers Who Have Lost a Child meets quarterly at Notre Dame Parish Center in North Caldwell. There is no preregistration for any of the groups, and there is no fee. For further information, please contact the Office of Family Life at 973.497.4327 or email mccormja@rcan.org



Be Part of St. Luke's 150 Year History As a Parish
St. Luke's is creating a commemorative book.  We are inviting you to be a patron of st. Luke's for the 150th anniversary book.  For a $25 donation to st. Luke's you can list 2 names for inclusion in the book.  Memorialize a loved one or deceased member of your family.  Show your support for our St. Luke's family.  Checks should be made out to St. Luke's and delivered to the office with the names typed or clearly written exactly as they should appear in the book.  Please label the envelope 150 anniversary patron.  For more information, please contact Deacon Andy Saunders, at liturgy@churchofstlukes.org. He can be reached at the parish office 201-444-0272, ext. 11.


Marriage Encounter:  Fall is a beautiful season full of color and crisp fresh air. A Marriage Enrichment presented by worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend is like autumn because it's a weekend full of fresh air, new beginnings and a time to rejoice in the beauty of your marriage and family.  It's a great time to rekindle communication and enjoy a weekend away. For more information, call Mike and Eileen Morgan at 973-827-9606 or email them at mjwwme@peoplepc.com.        
Welcome the Dawn:  Men's Meeting Every Wednesday 6:00 to 7:00 AM @ St. Luke's Parish center. All are welcome.
Greeting The Sunset:  Men's Meeting Every Thursday 7:30  to 8:30 PM @ St. Luke's Parish Center.  All are welcome.









WeShare Online Giving

Stewardship of Giving with WeShare

Stewardship of Giving

Is made easier than ever

with our new
Online giving system, WeShare


Start today!  Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Click on Online Giving
  2. Set up your account
  3. Choose payment option and customize your donation


From the WeShare pages not only are you able to submit your donations, you also may view and download your Giving History. You may also print an envelope sized donation slip to give during the worship service.

How Online Giving Works

Online Giving works just like paying an online bill. You can set up a one-time donation, recurring weekly payment, or make a monthly donation. It's easy to allocate different amounts for different collections, and view complete, accurate financial records at any time. You can get started with Online Giving following the three easy steps above. Please note, if you select Make a One Time Donation, they are effective immediately.  Recurring donations may be set-up and scheduled ahead of time and can be varying frequencies including annually.

Benefits to Making Church Donations Online

    • Eliminate the   need for writing checks
    • Choose a   payment option that works for you—debit, credit card, savings account,   or checking account  
    • Convenient   when traveling—you can still donate while away from home  
    • Easily adjust   amount of recurring donations  
    • Full donation   history online  
    • Receive e-mail   reminders of scheduled donations prior to account deductions

Flexible Options and Complete Financial Control

With WeShare you have complete control over your online offering. You adjust your donation at your convenience, making changes to the timing or amounts. All this from the comfort and security of your home, office, or anywhere with an Internet connection.

Need help?

Call the parish office at 201-444-0272 or stop by for personal assistance.


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